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best steaks in bahrain

Looking for the best steak in town? Bahrain food blogger has got you covered, all you have to do is hop down to The Original Restaurant situated on Budaiya highway. The design is rather simple with a few detailed decoration pieces, such as plants hanging from the wall which actually cleanses the air and detoxifies the surroundings. On the walls are three large canvases, with food items written on them, which is the restaurants menu itself. Next to the salad bar are cute signposts with healthy quotes on them, as that is what the restaurant encourages.

best steak in bahrain
steak in bahrain
I started my meal with mozzarella sticks and their complimentary bread basket which were very appetizing. Beforehand, I had visited the restaurants instagram page and seen a photo of their mouthwatering steak. That photo stayed with me and I could not wait to have it in front of me, served with mashed potatoes, vegetables and a mushroom sauce. They have a little bell that the chef rings as soon as the meal is ready, which I thought was a very unique and fun little gesture. As soon as I heard the bell ring, I could already taste the tender meat and flavorsome texture. The food arrived rather quickly and thank god for that because I was ravenous! It’s simply one of the best feelings ever when you take the first bite of a succulent meal on an empty stomach, and that’s exactly how I felt when I devoured mine: filled and satisfied.Still finding the best steak in Bahrain?
steak restaurant in bahrain
the original restaurant
The restaurant promotes healthy eating and therefore has a whole section of their menu dedicated to fresh juices, low calorie meals, salads, cocktails and detoxifying juices. I had a taste of the Dimagrire, which was refreshing to say the least. It’s made of pineapple and has a kick of ginger which revitalizes the system and protects the body from sickness. My colleague enjoyed the Chefs special pasta,penne with mushroom and chicken, and finished every last bit of it. The desert menu is small but tasty, and consists of molten cake and delicious pancakes. As always, Bahraini blogger makes sure you don’t miss out on any experience worth having, so the next time you’re confused about what to eat…head down to The Original Restaurant for the best steak in bahrain.

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